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Disney Pixar closes Canada Studio, off 100 employees Disney-owned Pixar Animation Studio is to close its studio in Vancouver, Canada, resulting in 100 job losses. “It was decided to re-focus activities and resources under one roof,” said Disney spokesman Barb Matheson, Canadian news site … Com Read more about href = “″> BBC News

B Canada Hockey Jerseys 2014 Sochi Olympics will attract criticism: “It is in … Olympic rules forbid men and women’s Paralympic team dressed for something, the logo of the National Sports Federation, Hockey Canada. Redesigning a logo is a process that requires “a huge number of draft” and “pair … Read more> Message rel = “nofollow”
Brazil is the tip of the iceberg of intelligence Kennedy, American journalist says more aggressive explanations Canadian foreign intelligence activity that occurs , suggests Glenn Green Wald, American journalist exposes the most secret documents obtained by Edward Snowden, former employees in the U.S. and the National Security Agency … More > Globe rel = “nofollow” and e